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Havel river valley
(To be finalized early February 2023)

The Lower Havel river valley is the largest and most important non-coastal wetlands area in Central Europe. Westhavelland Nature Park lies within the lower Havel river. The park is protected area 70 km west of Berlin. Around Lower Havel periodic floodings of the lowlands make the area popular place for migratory birds. The lowlands are home to significant proportion of meadow breeders, various mammals foraging around flowing waters. The abundance of fish also benefits raptors, and other breeding birds in the vicinity of the river. Amphibians and reptiles such as newts, toads and frogs is great indicators of water quality.

The area suffered serious ecological degradation in the 20th century. Since restoration around Havel started, this corridor is becoming a natural river habitat again. Tributaries are being restored, bank stabilizations are built, and fish migration assistance re-established. Nature and water protection also offers opportunities for development in the entire region.

The Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), the Federal Ministry of Environment, and the federal states of Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt joined forces to restore the lower Havel river valley.

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