EAR WARSAW, POLAND { 135 images } Created 31 May 2023

L’Europe à la Rame's take-off from Warsaw and Christophe Gruault's preparation the week before the start. Christophe is rowing from Warsaw all the way to Paris in a small boat (protoyole) following the European freshwater highways.

These images were shot along the rivers Narew and Vistula in the Warsaw area in Poland. Vistula is the starting point for Christophe and it is the longest river in Poland (9th longest river in Europe) more than 1 000 km in length.

The "L’Europe à la Rame" adventure folllow European rivers and canals through to highlight freshwater conservation, biodiversity, science and food culture along the way. Christophe interacts with school classes in all the countries he is passing through.

A clear goal for EAR is to raise public awareness about freshwater environments such as rivers and wetlands. To show the value these vital life support habitats provide, and specially targeting young people to encou­rage their commitment to freshwater preservation.

European rivers and wetlands are under threat and suffer from pollution, constructions such as dams and modifications for navigation. The biodiversity loss is dramatic and almost half of the freshwater fish and mollusks are under threat in Europe.
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